The year has kicked off and we’re all trying to get back into the rhythm of real daily life. Lazy days outside, glasses of champagne celebrating life and indulgent culinary delights have drastically been scaled down. Actually, stopped altogether. Have you started eating normally again? I’ve had to. A girl simply cannot continue on bubbles and cheese.

So, where do we start in 2016?

New house? New job? New car? New travel destination? There are so many parts of life where you can begin again and do things differently. But, maybe starting with your well-being is the most important. Surely, if your body is not happy and functioning at its best, how can you perform at your best?

Let’s get the human machine working. Properly. And let’s feel great. And look gorgeous in the process too.

These healthy cookbooks, currently my bedtime reading, are favourites and they provide endless ideas on how to make food, delicious.


  1. Easy living food by Natalie Reid and Noel Marten: If you live in Cape Town and have not ordered their raw pizza, you’re missing out. Yes, I also cringed at the idea of a pizza with no dairy or wheat(how would that taste), and it’s raw! But, you’ll be totally surprised at how delicious it actually is. Although I do not follow a completely raw diet, I love to mix it up a little. From the crackers, pizza and cheeze, it’s all good. Super nutrition is precisely what your body craves now, and you’ll get it here. Try it!
  2. The art of eating well by Hemsley and Hemsley: The sisters are Vogue’s go-to girls for healthy meals. All recipes are wheat, diary, sugar, gluten free. Although that sounds a little bland, the images are so beautiful you’ll be licking the pages. And your plate! TIP: Blueberry pancakes. Enough said.
  3. Plenty more by Yotam Ottolenghi: This guy clearly knows his way around vegetables and salad. Inspired by his eateries and heritage, the key here is fresh and unexpected. We have no excuse anymore to throw together boring salads. Culinary chic at it’s best.
  4. The magic of Superfoods by Peter and Beryn Daniel: I’d read the ingredient list on my smoothie packet and raise my eyebrows. What was maca, lacuma and mesquite? This book explains all the superfoods brilliantly and how you can use them when creating breakfast, lunch or dinner. A must have if you want more info on these incredible products and be as healthy as you possibly can. Your body will love you!


Enjoy and be inspired! Happy healthy new year!


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