Fashion month came to an end in Paris. Weeks of new designs and lithe models travelled from New York to Milan, London and Paris. We were glewed to our screens, watching livestream shows, dreaming about new bags and marvelling at the pure beauty. Rich colour and texture delighted us for the past weeks. Paris brought it to a perfect close.

These shows were favourites. Take a closer look.


_MON1095  _MON0414  _MON0189


_CHA0115 _CHA0237 _CHA0456


_DIO0291 _DIO0413 _DIO0986

Isabel Marant

_ARC0696 _ARC0650 _ARC0598

Louis Vuitton

KIM_0200 KIM_0756 KIM_0218

Miu Miu

_MON0066 _MON0236 _MON0279

Saint Laurent

_A2X1002 _A2X0839  _A2X0804

Stella McCartney

KIM_1472 KIM_1270 KIM_1074